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10 Technologies That Are Making An Impact On Java Development

Over the years, Java has emerged as one of the most popular languages for creating advanced, enterprise-grade applications. The language is operating on more than 7 billion devices and has millions of developers working on it. No wonder, the demand for Java-based applications is rising consistently. Despite being hugely popular and well-established, it continues to evolve as developers embrace new technologies and trends to make applications more innovative than ever. Listed below are the top 10 technologies that are every Java development company should adopt.

1. Java 9

Java 9, the version released in September 2017, has emerged as the most popular technology for creating applications with this language. With its powerful tools and feature set, this version is emerging as the true winner in this space. The recent release of Java 10 has opened new possibilities for developers looking for bigger innovations.

2. Java EE 8

Like Java 9, Java EE 8 is another version that is being acclaimed by the developers because of its rich and variant features. The features that deserve a special mention include improved JSON building and processing, new EE Security API, Servlet 4.0 with HTTP/2 support, improved CDI and RESTful web services, and more.

3. Blockchain

Another technology that is quickly gathering steam is Blockchain, which surged ahead with the popularity of cryptocurrencies in the recent years. Today, Java-based enterprise applications are relying on blockchain technology to capitalize on benefits such as security, transparency, and immutability.

4. AI and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are the technologies that are claiming huge attention everywhere and Java developers are no exception. These technologies were earlier dependent on frameworks such as C and Python but this language has clearly taken the lead with frameworks such as Deeplearning4j.

5. Internet of Things

The technology of the Internet of Things has gained attention as a Java development trend as most enterprises want to invest in applications that drive smart devices. The programming language is capable of uniting devices via applications so that they can be connected and made a part of the IoT ecosystem within an organization.

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