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7 Things You Should Know Before Hiring Java Developers

The demand for offshore Java developers is imminent, particularly by businesses that work on the latest application projects and applets.

For instance, if you are wondering what you ought to deliberate while hiring Java developers, you can begin with checking whether the development team members have bachelor’s degrees in software engineering, information technology, computer science or in associated subjects. You might want to oversee that yet if they have adequate germane experience. Those with a lot of experience in Java development would be appropriate even if they don’t have the degrees.


Here are few tips to hire developers:

#Professional knowledge of all key Java technologies – You have to gaze for skill in some of the weighty areas required to develop Java applications robustly. You must scale how effective they are for Java development, language basics, design arrays etc. They must have in-depth know-how of coding concepts and Java architecture.

#A wide-ranging portfolio of projects – The developer should have a project portfolio that should not only have a lot of diversity but also comprise assignments correlated to your verticals. That must establish their credentials of devising industry precise understanding and expertise.

#A squad size appropriate to handle your project – The developer should be able to compel a team adequately large to handle your project, thru the period of time for which they are deemed to work on it.

#Number of projects complete– This can serve to establish the credibility of the developer and the probability that they will be competent to implement your project effectively. Their past projects that are relatively alike to yours would visibly be even more relevant. You would, of course, have to scrutinize the projects for excellence and the number can’t be a substantial benchmark by itself.

#Proficiency in cloud-based technologies – The developer ought to have cloud computing expertise that covers Rackspace, Amazon EC2, Google App Engine and Windows Azure, amid others.

#Certified and systematized processes – The developer’s methods have to be systematized and have certifications from renowned bodies such as Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) and International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

#Privacy and security – The developer you hire should know the worth of your trade secrets, source codes, data and other info that you run them in the course of a software development project in Java. They should make available you with the choice of signing a non-disclosure agreement, if necessary.


Those given above are some of the key deliberations for hire Java developer India. The fame that Java India relishes brands it a dependable choice for developers and consumers alike. Businesses find it easy to trust Java as a programming language than any other equivalent and thus developers propose Java-centered options.