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7 IDEs That Will Be Preferred For Java Application Development In 2019

Java has attained the status of a good choice for developing a range of applications for the web, mobile, and enterprises. This mature programming language has evolved over the years to reach this status. While it enables developers to come up with feature-rich applications, they still require some robust tools to accelerate the development and testing processes. This is where integrated development environments (IDEs) come in as they offer a range of features that help in building, testing, debugging, and more for Java applications. But with a number of IDEs to choose among, developers have to face the challenge of picking the right ones. The choice really depends on the kind of Java development requirement that you approach them with because they will have to look for the right tools accordingly. Here is a list if the preferred IDEs for Java development in 2019.

IntelliJ IDEA

IntelliJ IDEA offers tools for numerous technologies including Java. Developers can use it to gain deeper insights into the code as it comprises features such as smart completion, static member completion, chain completion, cross-language refactoring, data flow analysis, and language injection. Furthermore, it helps them in performing the typical coding-related jobs in an editor- centric environment. The IDE can speed up the development cycle by providing build tools, version control tools, database tools, decompiler, test runner, and built-in terminal.


Eclipse is another appreciated IDE that gives the options of both desktop and cloud editions. While the cloud edition remains the first choice for developers, they can even extend both editions by installing some specific plug-ins for this purpose. The Eclipse Marketplace Client provides a range of plugins and there is also the alternative to create custom ones according to the needs. The IDE provides robust tools for modeling, testing, charting, and reporting and also facilitates incremental compilation of the code by rendering a custom compiler.


NetBeans, the official IDE for Java 8, an open-source IDE that comes with a comprehensive set of robust tools and features for desktop, web, and mobile app development in JavaEvery new NetBeans version brings improvement in Java editor to enable ease into custom software application development. The tools offered by this IDE empower the Java developers to write bug free code. They can avail the GUI Builder feature to design GUIs without investing extra effort and time.

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7 Must Know Programming Languages For Mobile App Development

Amongst multiple brilliant programming languages, choosing one can be a daunting task. It’s like choosing one candy from a wonderful array of candies. Well, it’s actually not going to put any difference because all will taste good. Same goes for the programming languages. You just need to realize the requirements of your business and mobile app idea.

Once you realize that, it’s the time to validate it, know your target market and narrow down the platform on which you actually want to build your app. As soon as you decide it, selecting the programming language would be essential to build native/hybrid or cross-platform app as per your business strategy.

Select The Right Programming Language For Your Business


Java Mobile Apps will be in a high demand in the coming years too. And, so will the java developers. Being an object-oriented programming language it has power to run in two different ways: (1) In a browser window and (2) In a virtual machine (no requirement of a browser). And, when it comes to developing server-side applications, Android applications or video games, it is counted as one of the most preferred languages. It’s robust functionality and features make more and more enterprise to invest in Java development.

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