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10 Essential Coding Tips For Expert Java Programmers

Java is a reliable cross-platform programming language that has gained recognition for its easy and efficient approach. Its simplicity makes it extensively developer-friendly but the simplicity itself can make things complex at times; even the experts getting distracted while developing application software using this language. However, there are some handy coding tips that can help Java experts unlock the potential of this language and build exemplary applications with it. Let us list them for you.

1. Start by getting your basics right

Java comes with a multitude of features, which can actually confuse the developers as they focus on bits and pieces rather than the language as a whole. The rule of thumb would be to stick to the basics of the programming language as it renders ease and efficiency into the development process with minimal amount of effort.

2. Go beyond just reading

Instead of concentrating on just theoretical knowledge, work on the practical aspects of actual implementation. Nothing works better than hands-on experience when it comes to learning things and putting them in action with a Java Web Development Company or as a freelancer for a professional project.

3. Understand the code and algorithm

Another important tip is to understand that nuances of Java code and algorithm. Ideally , you should break every problem into sub-parts and try to create solutions for each of the sub-parts to get a perfect algorithm and code for a specific Java program. Practice leads to mastery here too.

4. Avoid creating useless objects

When an object is created in Java, both the memory as well as the processor speed of the system are used up. Therefore, it is recommended that you create only such objects that are absolutely needed and completely avoid the unwanted ones to ensure the optimal use of resources.

5. Do allocate memory

Switching from C or C++ to Java necessitates memory allocation as the latter is a dynamic programming language. The aforesaid languages lack this feature, which the reason that developers must pay attention to handling array and object declaration. Failing to use ‘new’ keyword will lead to a null pointer exception being shown in the code.

6. Use Java’s standard library

Java comes with a rich set of standard library methods, which makes it a better programming language as compared to its predecessors. Programmers should use this feature to enable efficiency and make the flow of code more organized.

7. Remember that interface is better than abstract class

Interface is the best thing to use for developers for implementing multiple inheritance without making use of the extends keyword. Abstract class does not always offer the advantage of a variety of methods that programmers may work with, while interface not only does the job of abstract classes but also has other advantages.

8. Deal with strings in the right way

String is considered as a class in object oriented programming, which is the reason that even a simple concatenation of two strings may lead to creation of a new string object. This can have an impact on the speed and memory of the system. Developers should, therefore, instantiate a string object directly rather than using the constructor for the job.

9. Give precedence to Primitive classes over Wrapper classes

Undoubtedly, Wrapper classes are highly useful, but they are slower as compared to Primitive classes. The reason is that wrapper classes stores information about the entire class while primitive classes only have values. Furthermore, wrapper classes deal with object values and comparing them like primitive classes fails to bring desired results as it compares objects rather than the values which are stored in it.

10. Code matters the most

With Java, there is much to learn and the best part is that it can be learnt with the individual efforts of the developer. The thing that matters the most is being consistent with coding and testing oneself all the time. The more one practices, the better one becomes.


If you are considering a Java-based application for your business and looking for professional Java programmers for hire, ensure that they have the right skill and dexterity to handle your project. Have an open discussion with them to understand whether they follow these practices to deliver solutions that excel and add value to business workflows.