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All You Need To Know Before Migrating To Java 9

Java 9 has arrived. Over three years after Java 8, a noteworthy Java release is at last in the hands of developers. The central issue is: what does the advancement in Java 9 mean for you? Java 9 denotes a defining moment in the release cycle of Java. From an operational point of view, there are improvements to security and execution. In any case, you would require taking java development services from a renowned company who can significantly help you to unload in this release.


Few of the advantages for migrating to Java 9 are mentioning below:

  • Better Use of Memory
  • Better Performance
  • Better Documentation
  • Prettier Graphics
  • Quicker Compilation

Before we start moving to Java 9 we require a JDK 9 runtime installed on our neighborhood framework. Early access fabricates are promptly accessible.

Step 1: Get Maven Working

For a short time there was some perplexity around build tools working in Java 9. Your first endeavour at running mvn clean install was met with constrained success. A couple of the projects worked without issue. In any case, while unit tests were being kept running on the khs-eureka venture, You will get a stacktrace with this line in it:

Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: javax.xml.bind.JAXBContext

As specified earlier, a few libraries may require classes outside of java.base. Fortunately making sense of which module you have to include is simple with the new accessible javadoc in Java 9.

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Chatbots Are Becoming An Essential Asset For Businesses

Today, all the businesses know the importance of user experience. They try their best to offer the best solutions to customers’ queries and problem to ensure customer loyalty along with the brand establishment. And, in order to achieve the highest customer satisfaction, the businesses have started taking help of the machines to minimize the constraints of human limitations. Machines i.e. Chatbots or virtual assistants. The chatbots are becoming one of the most essential assets for businesses in order to offer enhanced customer support for engaging more potential customers. Due to which, entrepreneurs are hiring java development services providers to get their own chatbots developed. Multiple tech giants are already possessing their chatbots based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies.

But, why Java?

Java is considered one of the most secure platforms for building applications and websites. In the past few years, this platform has advanced its functionality and features by merging the latest technologies. There is a large number of the enterprises and developers who prefer to choose this platform over others due to its easy functionality and robust and secure features. For any business, having an application that is not only robust, scalable and easy to customize in nature but also, holds advanced security features is necessary to gain more profit. And, Java is the best fit for such needs. This is the reason the demand for building java chat application is rapidly increasing. More and more entrepreneurs are investing in this field in order to deliver enhanced customer experience and support to gain higher conversion rates.

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What You Need To Know About Java Virtual Machine


The Java Virtual Machine or JVM is an abstract or a virtual machine whose purpose is to run JAVA programs and the programs written in the other languages (compiled to Java Bytecode). It was originally designed to enable the application programs to be built with a flexibility to run on any platform without any need of rewriting or recompiling for every separate platform. It can be divided into three parts.


The JVM Specification:

The JVM is a software specification where its working is specified. However, the execution provider is completely authorized to choose the algorithms.

The JVM Implementation

The right execution of the SPECIFICATIONS results in an actual software that is called JVM implementation, known as JRE (Java Runtime Environment). There are so many implementations, of both open source and proprietary.

The JVM Instance:

Once, JVM Specification is implemented correctly and published as a software product, it can be downloaded and run as a program. This downloaded program is JVM instance.


The Java Virtual Machine performs several operations including Loading code, Verifying code, Executing code and Providing Runtime Environment. However, it has two primary functions:

  • Allowing Java programs to run on any device or OS
  • Managing and Optimizing Program Memory

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Top 10 Applications Built Using Java

Java is a programming language that runs on any platform. Its open-source’ ecosystem is healthy and strong. Being a fast and powerful language, it is widely used by java developers for building websites, applications and interactive videos etc. Till now, thousands of apps have been developed using this platform. Here, are the top 10 java applications that enormously changed the entire java world.

1. JPC

The JPC is a pure JAVA evaluation of an x86 PC (a family of backward-compatible instruction set architectures) with complete virtual peripherals. Wherever is the JVM (Java Virtual Machine), whether it is a set-top box, RISC, mobile phone, or even the refrigerator, it can run safely and that too with a bulletproof security and stability of Java technology.


It is a small and wireless battery powered platform that is programmed in Java. The SUN SPOT lets java developers develop projects, which used to need specialized embedded system development skills. It contains a range of built-in sensors. It can also be easily integrated with the external devices.

3. Think-Free

Another Java application is Think-Free. It is a compatible alternative for Microsoft Office. It can run on Windows, Mac and Linux. It was designed to look and behave like Microsoft Office, including ThinkFree Write, ThinkFree Calc, and ThinkFree Show that allow you to develop, edit and update your documents. As it behaves like Microsoft tools such as Powerpoint, Excel, Word, it permits you to save your document as a PDF.

4. Project Looking Glass

Being an open-source development project based on java, The Project Looking Glass not only supports running the unmodified existing applications in a 3D space but also, supports running APIs for 3D Window manager and application development.

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How Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers is Different From Eclipse IDE for Java

The Eclipse (or Eclipse foundation) is a Java-based development platform released under the Eclipse Public License terms. The Eclipse started in the year 2001 when the IBM donated its 3 millions of code from its java tools for developing an open-source IDE (Integrated Development Environment). it is mostly written in Java and primarily used for developing Java Applications. However, it can also be used to build apps in other programming languages.

Till now, the foundation has released several editions. And, if we talk about its Enterprise Edition (EE), it has its own specialties, due to which, it’s popular among developers and enterprises (of course). But, there is a difference between Eclipse IDE for Java and Eclipse IDE for JAVA EE, which we have explained in this blog. Let’s roll out to know!

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10 Outstanding Features Of Java That You Should Know About

Over the years, Java has emerged as one of the most popular and powerful programming languages for building a range of applications for businesses. From the development of futuristic desktop applications to web applications, enterprise applications, mobile applications, and embedded systems, there are a variety of uses that Java is appreciated for. The extensive versatility and popularity of the language have led to a rising demand for expert Java Development Services today. Besides this, the language comes with a wide range of features that make it a preferable choice for businesses.

Java Features

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Top 5 Programming Languages For Artificial Intelligence Development

Java, Python, Lisp, Prolog, and C++ are some AI programming languages utilized for computerized reasoning fit for fulfilling distinctive needs being developed and outlining of various programming. It is up to a designer to pick which of the AI dialects that will delight the coveted usefulness and highlights of the application prerequisites.


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