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5 Best Practices To Improve The Code Quality Of Java Applications

Creating a Java application is not just about writing a code but producing a quality product that adheres to the highest quality standards. In the initial stages, the developer may only focus on writing the application code. However, a good one will always make conscious efforts to detect the flaws and make improvements in it over time. Improving the Java code quality is easier said than done as it involves a well-designed strategy that is to be put into action throughout the project’s lifecycle. At the same time, a professional Java Web Development Company ensures that it follows the best practices to do so. Let us check out what experts have to say.


1. Pair programming methodology

To start with, the pair programming methodology is the best way to review the Java code while it is being written. Two developers are made to work together on the same system, with one writing the code and the other reviewing it and suggested improvements. The combined skills and expertise of two developers reduce the chances of bugs and flaws as well as saves time in the long run.

2. Adherence to coding conventions

Another best practice is to adhere to the coding conventions or guidelines which are listed by dev teams of the company. These include the recommendations for the methods, styles, and practices that are to be used for programming on a certain Java project or in general. Having well-defined standards within an organization ensures that every single piece of code is similar in look and feel and developers can understand what the others have written.

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