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Facts To Consider When You Hire Java Developers In 2019

Over the years, Java has emerged as one of the in-demand programming languages for building enterprise-grade web applications. No wonder, developers who specialize in this language are experiencing high demand as well. These are the professionals who have the capability of leveraging the best features of Java to create applications that bring tangible results for businesses. When you plan to hire Java developer for your project, there are some things that you should focus on to get the best resources working for you. Here is a list of facts that you need to consider before engaging them.

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1. Start by mapping your requirements

To start with, you need to map your requirements for the project so that you can choose the provider who is capable of addressing them. These requirements should be defined on the basis of organizational challenges and objectives and how the solution will address them. When mapping these requirements, consider the objective of the application, the process it is meant to enhance, the features it needs to have, and the monetization model for it.

2. Shortlist the services you will need

Every business has unique requirements and challenges, which is the reason that your service needs may differ from business to business. For instance, your needs would vary depending on whether you are looking for an application to be built from the scratch or have one migrated from another platform to Java. The best approach would be to connect with a Java web development company that caters a complete range of services, from custom product development to web development, migration, integration, and more.

3. Verify their skill set and expertise

Java is a versatile language used for developing a range of web and mobile applications. It offers numerous frameworks and tools that facilitate the creation of powerful, business-centric applications. Make sure that the team or developer you hire has the right skill set and expertise to leverage these frameworks and tools to create exceptional solutions.

4. Check their domain expertise

Another factor that can have an impact on the success of your project is the domain expertise of the professionals you choose. Onboarding someone who has already worked in your industry will be beneficial as they will be aware of the domain-specific challenges and opportunities. It is to be noted that Java has potential for building result-oriented applications for verticals such as healthcare, BFSI, education, e-commerce, hospitality, and more.

5. Go through their track record

While technical skills and domain-specific experience matter when it comes to the choice of Java developers for your project, it is equally vital to go through their track record. Check the scale of projects they have worked for and the type of businesses (enterprises, SMBs, and startups) that they have worked on. Also, ask them to share case studies so that you can have a better idea about their dependability.

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Top 7 Most Demanding Programming Languages Of Coming Year

Software improvement is a dynamic field. New and sought after programming languages, structures and technologies can develop, ascend to acclaim, and afterward blur away over the span of a couple of years. As a developer, you may think that it’s confounding to choose what to center around realizing straightaway. What new languages do you require? What existing languages merit diving deep on?

To solve this challenge, we’ll take a look at a few of the world’s most popular programming languages today. To clarify this situation, we have figured out the best choices of the world’s most famous programming languages today. Let’s have a look at these languages.


Java is the among the world’s most prevalent programming languages in light of current circumstances. Java powers huge numbers of the advancements we use regular. It additionally has a gigantic network of developers and nowadays java web development company are using it somehow.


Python previously showed up in 1991 and it has ascended in ubiquity from that point forward. It’s known as a perfect, developer friendly that is easy to compose and get it. The language is additionally extremely adaptable, fitting a horde of potential applications.

This straightforwardness and adaptability is driving the interest for Python and Python developers. Organizations value Python’s simplicity, object oriented structure. In the course of recent years, Python has likewise amassed a huge network, standard library, and support assets.

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Why Java 11 is The Real Migration Milestone for Your Business?

After the release of Java 9 and 10, Java 11 is all set to take the business world by storm with its highly advanced features. Where in the past people simply downloaded Oracle’s JDK and used it for development, testing, and production, this time Oracle has changed its license of their JDK and introduced Java11. So if you are also thinking about migrating to this latest version of Java, then check out this post to learn the most important aspects of Oracle’s Java 11 release.


What is Oracle Java 11?

Java Development Kit(JDK)11 is a much-improved version of the language, with advanced features focusing on performance that will support Unicode 10. With JDK11 Oracle has updated its license terms. So now instead of having a single JDK, there are two different JDK.

Oracle’s JDK11(Commercial)

Oracle’s Open JDK(Open source)

Oracle’s JDK11(Commercial) can be used in development and testing for free and for production purpose you have to pay for it. You’ll get timely updates and full support from the Java community according to your project requirement.

Whereas, Oracle’s Open JDK(Open source) can be used for free in any environment just like any open source library. Oracle won’t be providing any updates to past versions and no longer be updating its Open JDK builds for 10 and 9.

So if you are still using Open JDK you need to update to new version of Java to run your project smoothly and enhance its performance.

Why to Upgrade from JDK 8 to JDK 11?

It’s true that still a lot of people are using JDK 8. Let’s take a look at what makes JDK11 superior to all other versions of Java.

  • Full support for Linux containers
  • Free Application Class-Data Sharing feature
  • Free low overhead Heap Profiler and Flight Recorder
  • Default set of root authority certificates
  • New Epsilon and ZGC garbage collectors
  • TLS(Transport Layer Security)1.3
  • Time compilation and GraaIVM
  • Jshell with support for shebang
  • Advanced native unmodifiable collections APIs
  • Single-File source code programs

Therefore, as the latest version of your favorite programming language is already released, it’s time to get ahead of the curve. We have jotted below some amazing features of Java11 to figure out whether updating is really worthwhile.

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Key Features Of Java That Distinguish It From Other Languages

Java is a standout amongst the most essential programming languages that anybody can pick up. It is so straightforward in the meantime, the likelihood of what you can create using Java, is infinite! It’s been two decades and Java has picked up quality each passing day. In spite of the fact that there are times, when Java development backs off, yet Java has responded well. Prior with notable changes as Enum, Generics, and Autoboxing in Java 5, execution change with Java 6, and Google’s choice of language for Android applications development keeps Java as a mainstay of programming language.

Java is open source

We adore free and open source programming, isn’t that right? Open JDLK is a free and open source exertion of Java programming language. Being an open source, it’s platform crosswise over OS environments which means you do not require to pay any amount to build applications on java

It’s an Object Oriented Programming Language

Being an Object Oriented language, the ideas of Java are relatable and significantly less demanding which makes Java an adaptable and extensible programming language. Java firmly proposes the accepted practices of OOP plan and advances its right usage.

Java’s Rich API

Java programming language’s Rich API can be recorded among the fundamental explanations for its prosperity. Couple it with tools upheld by Java open source environment and you’ve got pretty much all that you’ll require while working with Java.

Powerful development tools

The great IDEs accessible for Java have assumed a key job in taking Java to the best level. Eclipse and Netbeans have made coding in Java a charming experience. Aside from helping you in the code composing process, they additionally offer an debugging assistance to the developers.

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Benefits of using Java for Mid Sized and Small Businesses Projects

Java is, broadly, related to be identified with either something gigantic scaled or legacy and in need of maintenance. While the advantages of Java in the development of significant custom applications are all known, the upsides of utilizing the technology to create smaller-scaled applications have to a great extent been overlooked. Startups and middle-sized businesses have a tendency to choose different technologies despite the fact that Java can furnish comparative abilities in parallel with better quality and security.

Now the question arises here is Java development worth considering as a choice for Mid-sized and Small Projects. Let’s discuss it further.

(1) Enhanced Budget and Software Quality Control

The two things that are, typically, difficult to check within proper limits are the venture spending plan and software quality. Does Java have anything special to offer in such manner?

Java has various promptly accessible implies that permit effectively controlling the above two aspects of your software development exertion all through its duration, including your app testing and deployment. For instance, the more mainstream Behaviour testing tools, given by Java and equipped for enhancing the quality of your product item, incorporate Cucumber and JBehave, while a great Java provided Web testing tool you can utilize is Selenium. Prominently, these tools flawlessly coordinate and function admirably together.

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10 Technologies That Are Making An Impact On Java Development

Over the years, Java has emerged as one of the most popular languages for creating advanced, enterprise-grade applications. The language is operating on more than 7 billion devices and has millions of developers working on it. No wonder, the demand for Java-based applications is rising consistently. Despite being hugely popular and well-established, it continues to evolve as developers embrace new technologies and trends to make applications more innovative than ever. Listed below are the top 10 technologies that are every Java development company should adopt.

1. Java 9

Java 9, the version released in September 2017, has emerged as the most popular technology for creating applications with this language. With its powerful tools and feature set, this version is emerging as the true winner in this space. The recent release of Java 10 has opened new possibilities for developers looking for bigger innovations.

2. Java EE 8

Like Java 9, Java EE 8 is another version that is being acclaimed by the developers because of its rich and variant features. The features that deserve a special mention include improved JSON building and processing, new EE Security API, Servlet 4.0 with HTTP/2 support, improved CDI and RESTful web services, and more.

3. Blockchain

Another technology that is quickly gathering steam is Blockchain, which surged ahead with the popularity of cryptocurrencies in the recent years. Today, Java-based enterprise applications are relying on blockchain technology to capitalize on benefits such as security, transparency, and immutability.

4. AI and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are the technologies that are claiming huge attention everywhere and Java developers are no exception. These technologies were earlier dependent on frameworks such as C and Python but this language has clearly taken the lead with frameworks such as Deeplearning4j.

5. Internet of Things

The technology of the Internet of Things has gained attention as a Java development trend as most enterprises want to invest in applications that drive smart devices. The programming language is capable of uniting devices via applications so that they can be connected and made a part of the IoT ecosystem within an organization.

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